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I receive at least a head of lettuce every week with my CSA share, so I’ve started to get more creative with my use of lettuce and take on salads.


  • Lettuce wraps (fillings: tofu, green pepper, kohlrabi, carrot, green garlic, cilantro, purple basil / peanut dipping sauce)
  • Grapefruit Feta salad (side of “dilly bread”, a Flynn family favorite)
  • Raspberry Walnut salad (plus more feta…  cause it’s so so good)
  • "Had some leftover bread and made big yummy croutons.  i love croutons." salad (homemade green garlic dressing, chickpeas and…  feta…  maybe I need to get more creative in the cheese department!)

I’ve also taken salads for lunch a couple of times a week, but for some reason salads for lunch fill me up much less than salads for dinner, even when they’re pretty substantial.  I must remember to pack something else!

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