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Meet Lily, Sesame Street’s “poverty-stricken” Muppet who will star in a one-hour prime-time special (airing Oct. 9) that aims to teach kids about poverty and hunger. In the special, Lily reveals that “sometimes I go with my family to the food pantry.” That really affects fellow-Muppet Elmo. “Elmo never has to think about where his next meal is coming from.”

I preferred reading about her as “food insecure” as “poverty stricken” is rather loaded, but I think this is going to be a good, teachable thing for kids. 

I just spent the last hour and a half calling around my hometown trying to find dentists that would see my 3 nephews who are on Minnesota Care.  It wasn’t easy and it isn’t fair.  Children are the biggest group of people in poverty and honestly, other children should know about that.  My time volunteering in a homeless shelter as a child (and seeing the children and families that moved in and out of there) impacted the values I have today and I’m grateful to have had those experiences.  Thanks Sesame Street for introducing concepts to children that they may not know otherwise.

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    This is really interesting…
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    I can’t watch this, as it would likely make me bawl my eyes out.
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    Sesame Street is wonderful
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    I haven’t gone on about my fondness for Sesame Street in a while.
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    I just spent the last hour and a half calling around my hometown trying to find dentists that would see my 3 nephews who...
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    I now share a name with the token recession muppet.
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